St. Alban’s Cathedral to host memorial service for Queen Elizabeth II

St. Alban’s Cathedral will be hosting a memorial service in the City of Prince Albert for Queen Elizabeth II on Wednesday evening. Residents of all faiths from Prince Albert and surrounding communities are invited to mourn her passing.

The program will consist of a standard Anglican evensong, with hymns and prayers for the departed Queen, as well as the King and Queen consort. Father David Butorac,  the Rector of the Cathedral of St. Alban the Martyr in Prince Albert, said the loss of the Queen feels much like that of a family member.

“We’ve lost someone important to us, both to our national life and personally. For most of us, the Queen is the only monarch we’ve ever know,” he said. “She led a life of service, which I think is an incredibly important virtue to nurture in our communities and in our country.”

Butorac said the Queen’s seventy-year commitment to service during her longstanding reign inspired him many times throughout his life.

“She put her own interests aside and she promised to serve, I’ve always found that insistence and dedication to be very moving for me,” he said. “The idea of it touched me in a way that I can’t quite put my finger on.”

The service is open for all residents of the Prince Albert area and beyond, said Butorac.

The solemn evensong and state prayers will be held at St. Alban’s Cathedral at 1410 Bishop McLean Crescent at 7 p.m. on September 21.

“It would be wonderful to get together as a community and give thanks to her life,” he said.

Lt.-Gov. Russ Mirasty will also be in attendance for Wednesday’s service.