Snow route parking ban in effect

The city has declared a parking ban in snow clearing routes. Herald file photo.

The City of Prince Albert declared a snow route parking ban Monday morning.

Parking is not permitted on snow routes during the ban. Streets are marked with “no parking when declared” signs.

The ban also requires drivers to remove their vehicles from snow routes. For crews to effectively clear all streets marked with a snow route parking ban sign, vehicles not removed will be ticketed or towed at the owner’s expense.

Photo courtesy City of Prince Albert. Priority snow routes where parking is prohibited under a snow route parking ban are marked on this map in red.

The bans are temporary, usually lasting about 48 hours, unless more snow results in a ban being re-declared. If the ban is re-declared, the city will re-issue notices and post it on its website.

If the priority one streets are cleared sooner than 48 hours, and there is no threat of a continuing storm, the ban may be withdrawn sooner. In this case, the city will update its website and local media.

“The City appreciates your cooperation in helping us to ensure that streets are cleared as safely and efficiently as possible,” it said in a public service announcement.

“The City would also ask that you assist your neighbour if they are not able to keep their sidewalk free of snow.”

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