Silver Strands eager to give back to Telemiracle

Prince Albert Kinsmen Club members Joel Longworth (left) and Jon Fraser (right) present Silver Strands Club president Shirley Galbraith with a tokening recognizing the organization’s $695 donation to Telemiracle. -- Jason Kerr/Daily Herald

The Colombian Centre’s Silver Strands Club has made a habit of donating to Kinsmen Telemiracle over the years, but they’ve never reached these heights before.

The club donated $695 from a one-time soup and sandwich sale on Monday. That’s more than double their regular total, which hovers around $300.

Silver Strands Club president Shirley Galbraith said they normally have to purchase ingredients to make sandwiches and soup, which cuts into their donation. However, this year local residents stepped forward to donate those items, allowing the club to be more generous than usual.

“This year I’m really happy we came up with $695,” Galbraith said afterwards. “This is a way of giving back.”

Funds from the annual Kinsmen Telemiracle are used to support Saskatchewan residents with mobility or cognitive challenges. That support includes items like walkers, power chairs, specialty standing chairs, or travel, meals and accommodations for patients undergoing organ transplants.

Galbraith said residents at Prince Albert’s Colombian Centre believe those are important contributions, and that’s why they’re eager to offer their support.

“We never know when we’re going to need it ourselves, so it’s very, very important,” she explained.

Prince Albert Kinsmen Club president Jon Fraser said they’re always happy to see local organizations take the initiative and support Telemiracle.

“It just tells us the impact that Telemiracle has in communities (like) Prince Albert,” Fraser said afterwards. “Even though it’s becoming the norm for people, it’s still surprising to see the generosity that this city has for Telemiracle, and how much people care for it.”

Telemiracle 44 will be held on Mar. 7 in Regina’s Connexus Arts Centre. Last year’s event raised more than $5 million for the Telemiracle Kinsmen Foundation.