Saskatchewan Senior Fitness Association calling for new members in Lakeland

Opening Ceremony June 2022, for the Sask Senior Fitness 55+ Games in Prince Albert. Submitted photo.

The Saskatchewan Senior Fitness Association (SSFA) Lakeland District is searching for local people who want to get off the couch, get active and get participating in their favorite activities.

“The older we get, the more inactive we are,” said Barry Brezden with the SSFA Lakeland District .”In order to get your heart pumping, you need to get moving.”

“I just want to see people healthy.”

The SSFA was founded in 1984, when a small group of like-minded individuals in southern Saskatchewan saw a need for a fitness program for the 55 plus age group.

Four years later, the SSFA held their first 55+ games in the city of Melville with a few dozen handfuls of athletes.

The games have been held every other year since then, including the latest one that saw around 650 athletes from across Saskatchewan gather in Prince Albert in 2022.

“It was a booming success,” said Brezden . “We had a great games, a phenomenal organizational committee, tons of supportive sponsors and the games went off with great success.”

Brezden said the SSFA Lakeland District finished second place in the medal total.

“We had a total of 57 medals and out of those 57 medals, 31 of them were gold,” said Brezden.

“We have a lot of athletic people in our province,” said Brezden. “We may not have the most people in a lot of the provinces, but we certainly have a lot of talented athletes.”

While the 55+ Games only cater to seniors, for only $20 a year anyone over the age of 18 can join the SSFA.

From the Manitoba border to Blaine Lake to Uranium City to Neuanlage, the SSFA Lakeland District will help organize any sort of activity in your community that gets people engaged, within reason.

‘If you want to organize a Christmas present wrapping demonstration, we’ll do it,” said Brezden. “We’ll do grooming horses, we’ll have speaking engagements, we’ll have anything and everything so long as it’s an activity.”

Even if you’re not looking to get active, the SSFA offers its members discounts to local businesses, giving you the most bang for your buck. Anyone interested in becoming a member of the SSFA can join by reaching out to their Facebook page or website at