Sask. Rivers board shows appreciation to staff at meeting

The Sask Rivers Education Centre/ Daily Herald File Photo

During the final meeting of the 2020-2021 school year trustees with the Saskatchewan Rivers School Division board of education took numerous opportunities to recognize staff across the division for their work in what has been a challenging school year.

“The whole idea was that we didn’t have our usual recognition of our long serving staff and our retirees,” director of education Robert Bratvold said.

Throughout the meeting trustees discussed retirees and long serving staff including board chair Barry Hollick pointing out a booklet of write-ups on staff that the division put together and how they missed the regular events that honour staff.

“I think that might have been in board members forum at the end that they talked about that so that kind of thing has happened and trustees commented on those if it was either a Grade 8 farewell or graduations, those are great celebrations for students,” Bratvold said.

Trustees shared their appreciation for SRPSD staff. Staff that was recognized included caretakers, specialists looking after students with extensive needs along with teachers and educational assistants.

In a release the division said that staff have served students and families admirably in these most difficult times.

“Several trustees have attended the school events, some of the schools have more limited capacities to do that so they could have outside interaction kind of thing so that’s a range of activities that. Trustees can be there virtually and attend virtually,” Bratvold said.

Bratvold explained that the board misses the opportunity to gather and celebrate the long-service and retirements, but Trustees salute the dedication and service of the staff.

“It has been a great school year despite the challenges and it is nice to have the end of the school year upon us and we are looking forward to a nice little break for our students and staff,” Bratvold said.