Rotarians donate thousands to Mont St. Joseph Home

The Rotary Club presented a cheque to the Mont St. Joseph Home Thursday. (Peter Lozinski/Daily Herald)

The 2019 Rotary Wine Premier proved positive for residents of the Mont St. Joseph Home.
Thursday afternoon, the Rotary Club presented a cheque for $11,000 for the home, which will go to support the organizations’ Tree of Love.

The Tree of Love Christmas Mail Out campaign sends a pair of ornaments to donors. One ornament stays in the home, while the other gets placed on the treat the home with the name of the person you wish to remember along with a personal message. The campaign is a major fundraiser each Christmas that goes to support the many needs of the home’s residents. The Rotary Club is the platinum sponsor of the campaign.

“The amount of support we get from the Rotary Club for the home here is outstanding,” said Jessica Gale of the Mont St. Joseph Foundation.

“They’re a phenomenal group, more than personable to work with, they support the community so strongly and they support our home fantastically. It’s a huge bonus for us to be linked with them, and the wine premier is one of the key events … to go to in the city.”

Gale said the donations reach the 120 residents who live in the home.

“Everything benefits our residents,” she said. “It goes towards their spiritual care, their physical care and recreation as well.”

Wine Premier Co-Chair Les Mewis has seen ho special Mont St. Joseph home is. He has served on the foundation’s board and was part of the team who fundraised to get the facility built.

Now, he’s a member of the Rotary Club and is pleased to be able to give back.

“This is a great way to continue the work I was involved with many, many years ago,” he said.
He values how the Eden Principles followed by the home bring people together in a home environment.

“The premier went excellently,” he said. “It’s always a sellout, with great food and good fellowship. It’s not easy to raise ten or eleven thousand dollars. When it’s able to walk in the door (with a donation) like this, independent of the foundation — it really makes a difference.”