Rosthern cidery does their part to conserve species-at-risk

Rosthern-based cider highlights species-at-risk (Submitted photo)

Bailey Sutherland, Daily Herald

Thanks to Prairie Sentinel Bottleworks, there is a new, tasty way to help conserve species-at-risk.

The Rosthern based alcohol producer has recently paired with Nature Saskatchewan to release a series of locally made ciders that highlight species-at-risk in the province. Keith Jorgenson, owner of Sentinel Bottleworks, says he chose Nature Saskatchewan so his business could give back.

“When we started the cidery, we were looking for some other way to give back to our community. When people think of endangered species, they don’t realize that there are animals in peril in their own backyards. There is a number of animals that we have in Saskatchewan that are representative of endangered species, it seemed appropriate”.

 Prairie Sentinel has pledged to donate $1 for each litre sold. In June, the cidery raised $1,000 for Nature Saskatchewan; they hope to raise over $20,000 a year. Flavours are based on Western Canada and include crabapple, pear, black current, and raspberry.

“Each variety that we make has both the image of a Saskatchewan species-at-risk and a bit of information about the species. We hope to raise the profile of these species, why they are in trouble, and raise money for people fighting to save them”, Jorgenson says.

Nature Saskatchewan is a non-profit organization that’s main mission is to raise awareness of the conservation of natural habitats in Saskatchewan. They run voluntary stewardship programs that engage rural landowners to benefit species at risk, ecosystem health, and people.  The money Prairie Sentinel raises helps support the Stewards of Saskatchewan program.

Jordan Ignatiuk, Executive Director for Nature Saskatchewan, says “It is an indescribable feeling when an unsolicited business is willing to step forward to support programs that are designed to conserve our precious grassland landscape and the species that inhabit them.  We can’t thank Keith enough for his foresight and generosity and hope to continue our partnership well into the future”.

You can find the new ciders on tap at:

•Yard and Flagon

•High Key

•Rook and Raven

•Cork and Kettle




And for purchase at:

•Select Sobeys Liquor stores

•Metro Saskatoon and Regina

•Willow Park Regina

•Select SLGA stores

•Red’s Liquor Store

•Sperling Silver