Ring looks to help a new generation as trustee in Catholic School Division

Andrea Ring./submitted

Andrea Ring is seeking a seat as a trustee for the Prince Albert Catholic School Division. With another generation of her family starting in the division, she felt it was time to give back.

“When my kids were in the Catholic School Division I thought it was a great school division,” she said.

She served on the School Community Council (SCC) at St. Francis School and helped to organize events and fundraise.

“Now that my kids have kids and they are starting in the Catholic School Division I want it to continue to thrive like it has and I want to be able to help and this is the way I thought I could help is by being on the board,” Ring explained.

She explained that helping at the SCC level would benefit her as a trustee.

“Now that I actually don’t have kids in school and this way I can help all of the Catholic schools, not just the one my children attended,” she said.

Catholic education is important to Ring because of the morals it instills.

“I just believe that it teaches our children values that we want to continue as parents to teach them through our faith and that is really the only way we can do it is through a faith-based school curriculum and I think it’s important to keep that alive,” Ring said.

Ring was born and raised in Prince Albert. She is married to current Ward 6 candidate for City Council Martin Ring.

“I am really looking forward to helping if I can. I think all of the nominees would do a good job whoever gets elected but I would like to step in and help my grandchildren’s future and be as useful as possible,”

The Prince Albert Catholic School Division board of education trustee elections are on Monday, Nov. 9.