Ready to rock

Rock Show Experience producer Dennis Adams, pictured during a tribute performance to ZZ Top, says it’s exciting to see a new show hit the stage during the Prince Albert Winter Festival. -- Submitted photo.

A new Prince Albert Winter Festival is set to begin.

Later tonight, 12 singers and six band members will kick off the first ever Rock Show Experience at the E.A. Rawlinson Centre.

The show was designed to give music lovers something different than the usual winter festival fare, and show producer Dennis Adams said they’re eager to hit the stage.

“The demographic that the show is catering too hasn’t really attended (the Winter Festival),” Adams said. “There hasn’t been an event for them to really attend … so that’s what we’re focusing on.”

The show will feature an all-local roster of performers singing some of the best known classic rock songs. Adams said Prince Albert is known more for its country music musicians and artists, so the show helps spotlight some lesser known acts.

“I do play, and I really do enjoy (country music), but there’s also a different group of people that go out and actually do this on weekends and really have never had the venue to show those abilities,” Adams explained. “I think people will be generally impressed with just how talented these people are.”

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