RCMP warns of high-risk sexual offender released from prison

Roland Clifford Morissette was released with conditions on August 2 -- Courtesy of Saskatchewan RCMP

The Saskatchewan RCMP has advised the residents of Mont Nebo, Leask, Mistawasis First Nation, Shellbrook, Prince Albert and surrounding communities that an offender considered to be at a high risk of reoffending sexually and/or violently has been released from prison. 

Roland Clifford Morissette was released on the morning of August 2, after serving the entirety of his sentence. 

Morissette has shared with Saskatchewan RCMP his intentions to reside at Mont Nebo and occasionally visit the areas of Leask, Mistawasis First Nation, Shellbrook and Prince Albert. 

He is described as a 54-year-old Indigenous male of slim build, 5’10” tall and 140 pounds, with brown eyes and short black hair. He has a tattoo of a buffalo skull on his upper left arm and a large 5-inch vertical scar on his abdomen. He has smaller visible scars on his left cheek, left wrist, chest and chin.

Morissette has a criminal record that contains both violent and sexual offences connected to substance use and a history of reoffending and non-compliance with release conditions.

During his periods of incarceration, Morissette completed several educational programs for sex offenders, substance abuse, anger management and living skills. 

Roland Clifford Morissette’s criminal history and limited progress during these educational programs has led police to believe he is at a high risk of reoffending sexually and/or violently after his lawful release.

To help mitigate the risk to public safety and contribute to Morissette’s rehabilitation, the Saskatchewan RCMP High Risk Offender Unit is currently working with its provincial partners to have conditions imposed on Morissette for a period of two years after his lawful release.

In the meantime, Roland Clifford Morissette has been ordered by court to obey, among others, the following conditions:

  • Keep the peace and be of good behaviour.
  • Live at an approved residence and not change residence.
  • Stay inside the approved residence from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. every night.
  • Not have unsupervised contact with any child under the age of 16.
  • Not be within 100 metres of any park, playground, school, or any other location where children under the age of 18 usually go.
  • Not possess or consume alcohol, cannabis or drugs not prescribed by a medical doctor.
  • Not enter or be in any place of which the main purpose is to sell cannabis or alcohol, such as cannabis stores, bars or liquor stores.
  • Not possess any firearm, ammunition, or any other weapon.
  • Notify his romantic partners of all his past criminal convictions.

“The entirety of this information is shared to raise awareness about the presence of a high-risk offender in your community so that you may make informed decisions about entering in contact with this person,” says a public interest disclosure released by the Saskatchewan RCMP. “This information is not to be used to carry out unlawful and harmful acts against this person.”

Residents who have questions or concerns about the release of Roland Clifford Morissette, or to report an incident involving Morissette being in violation of his conditions, please contact your local RCMP detachments or police service.