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Home News RCMP asks drivers to avoid travel in southeast Saskatchewan

RCMP asks drivers to avoid travel in southeast Saskatchewan

RCMP asks drivers to avoid travel in southeast Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan RCMP/Twitter

With the late spring storm in full effect across the province, Saskatchewan RCMP are continuing to ask drivers to avoid travel in southeast Saskatchewan.

“If conditions will be poor, consider delaying non-essential travel. This small step can keep us all safe,” said a media release. “If you decide to travel, ensure your vehicle has lots of fuel and that you have extra warm clothes, snacks, water, a phone charger and a snow shovel on hand. Also consider stocking your vehicle with traction mats, a tow rope or chain and a booster cable.”

According to RCMP, police received more than 50 calls requesting assistance relating to road conditions on Wednesday evening. Callers reported that driving conditions were deteriorating rapidly and vehicles were stopped on the side of the highway.

At 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, officers responded to a report of a collision between a semi and charter bus in the eastbound lane of Highway 1, near Sintaluta. Initial reports are that a man was seriously injured in the crash.

Highway 1 was closed in the area of the accident Wednesday evening.

Due to the extreme conditions, drivers are advised that they may experience delayed response times from police, tow trucks and/or other emergency services.

“If you are required to stay in your vehicle, please remember to keep hazard lights on and conserve fuel,” said police.

Given the current weather conditions and forecast, Saskatchewan RCMP continue to remind drivers to check the weather forecast and road conditions/potential closures on the Highway Hotline for both departure and arrival points.