Province reports 111 new COVID-19 cases, 140 recoveries, one death in Wednesday update

Daily Herald File Photo

Provincial health authorities reported 111 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, along with 140 more recoveries and one new death.

A patient in the 80 and over age category passed away in the Regina Zone after testing positive for the virus. That’s the 401st death since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak.

There are now 1,384 active cases across Saskatchewan. An average of 139 new cases have been reported daily over the past week. The majority of the new cases reported on Wednesday came from the Saskatoon and Regina zones.

There were no new cases reported in North Central, although four cases previously announced without residency information were assigned to the zone. There are now 97 active cases in the area, 40 of which are in Prince Albert. North Central Zone 1 has 39, while North Central Zone 3 has 18. Another 12 North Central patients have recovered.

Health officials administered 456 vaccine doses in North Central on Tuesday. That was by far the highest total out of any zone in the province. The North West was second with 228. Saskatchewan reported 874 total doses administered on Tuesday.

The three far north regions reported a combined seven new cases and 34 new recoveries on Wednesday. Three of those new cases were in the Far North West, while the rest were in the Far North East.

There are now 120 active cases in the Far North East, 109 in the Far North West, and six in Far North Central. The province did not report any new vaccine doses administered in the far north.

The North East, which includes Nipawin, Melfort, and Tisdale, reported eight new cases on Wednesday, seven of which were in North East Zone 1. The remaining case came from Zone 2.

The North East also announced three more recoveries. There are now 30 active cases in the area.

Regina has the highest number of active cases in Saskatchewan with 442, followed by Saskatoon with 292, and the Far North East with 120.

Far North Central has the lowest number of active cases with six, followed by the South West with 10 and South Central with 19.

A total of 139 people are in hospital with COVID-19, 27 of which are in intensive care. None of those ICU patients are in Prince Albert. Saskatoon and Regina have 12 each. The rest are in the Central East (2) and North West (1).