Popular Medieval Feast returning to Prince Albert

Submitted Photo Princess Maud (Adreanna Boucher) during a previous performance of a Medieval Feast by Off the Cuff Improv and Interactive. The Medieval Feast returns on Feb. 9 and 10 at Shananigan’s.

Off the Cuff Improv and Interactive is bringing back a popular event for Valentine’s Day.

At Shananigan’s on Feb. 9 and 10, the improv comedy troupe will present ‘Loving Leofric: A Love Story: a Valentine’s Day Medieval Feast’.

Adreanna Boucher of Off the Cuff said they’re bringing the show back by popular demand.

“We did a Medieval Feast a number of years ago, I’ve written several now and they’re always really popular,” Boucher said.

“We thought that would be a good fit around Valentine’s Day.”

Boucher said the group was asked to do a show at Shananigan’s and the owner specifically requested a Medieval Feast.

She said the work of Jan Guedo and Jackie Guedo has been a hallmark of past Medieval Feast performances, and audiences can expect more of the same in February. She said the mother and daughter team have been great in sharing knowledge and excitement about Medieval items. All of the costumes for this production were made by the pair.

“They have spent countless hours creating costumes and assembling centrepieces and they have this amazing collection of medieval stuff or medieval-looking stuff,” Boucher said.

“They have been instrumental to the success of our past medieval feast.”

Submitted Photo
Performers dance during a previous performance of a Medieval Feast by Off the Cuff Improv and Interactive.

The performance will include a full four-course a la carte meal served by the staff at Shananigan’s. Because it’s a medieval feast, attendees have to eat with their hands and take food from platters placed on the middle of the table.

Attendees who wants cutlery must purchase it for a small fee, with the proceeds going to the Saskatchewan Seniors Fitness Association (SSFA).

“Everything can be eaten by hand,” Boucher said. “We are talking like succulent roast joints of meats, roasted vegetables, tarts and stuff like that.”

During the meal, there will be an interactive comedy performance written and performed originally in 2016 at the former Borreal Bistro.

“It is featuring actors from our area,” Boucher said. “They’re all very funny and of course, because it’s Valentine’s Day it’s a sort of love story, but with a very comical twist, so when people come, they’re to imagine that they’re in King Leofric’s Castle, and they’re coming for possibly a royal wedding.”

Boucher has done free workshops for the SSFA paid for through the Community Initiatives Fund.

“This is the second part of the partnership with SFA as we work together to put on events like this, so that there’s just more happening in the community for people to get out and enjoy,” she said.

“(It’s to) keep people active physically, socially and culturally, and I think that this sort of thing hits all those boxes.”

Boucher said they are doing a two-night performance because their December performance of ‘An Awkward Family Christmas’ sold out quickly.

The Feast is on Feb. 9 and 10 at Shananigan’s Coffee and Dessert Bar, located at 2144 Sixth Avenue East. Doors open at 6 p.m. and festivities commence at 6:45 p.m.

Tickets are $80 but SSFS members receive 10 per cent off, tickets are available at Eventbrite.