Police run vehicle off the road to end high-speed chase

Police drew their firearms at the end of a dramatic high-speed chase, after using a spike belt to intercept a fleeing vehicle by the Diefenbaker Bridge.

The vehicle reportedly drove off, at a high rate of speed, soon after police arrived on a disturbance call on the 1000 Block of River Street early Tuesday morning.

Officers followed the vehicle and activated their lights and sirens on the 800 Block 18 Street West. In a press release, the Prince Albert Police Service reported that the vehicle failed to yield, and then sped up in an attempt to evade officers.

Police followed the vehicle for some distance. But officers called off the pursuit after it reportedly reached speeds exceeding 100 kilometres per hour – citing safety concerns.

Soon after, the vehicle was seen turning northbound onto 2nd Avenue West. Officers set up a spike belt shortly before the Diefenbaker bridge. The vehicle drove over the spike belt, which deflating the two front tires. The driver continued to flee over the bridge at more than 100 kilometres per hour, police reported.

Just north of the Shellbrook overpass the vehicle started to slow down. It eventually drove onto the grass and came to a stop.

Police ordered the driver to turn off the engine and told all occupants to exit the vehicle. They didn’t comply, according to police. The vehicle reportedly began moving again at 30 to 40 kilometres per hour in the southbound lane.

It turned west onto the landfill road, where police managed to angle it towards brush in the ditch. The vehicle drove into the ditch and came to a stop.

Officers exited their squad car and approached with firearms drawn. They gave verbal commands, but received no response. They couldn’t see the occupants through the vehicle’s tinted windows. The officers broke both the driver and passenger side windows and the female driver and male passenger finally complied. Both exited the vehicle and were placed under arrest.

Police searched the vehicle and found shotgun shells and a machete, according to a press release.

A 17-year-old woman and a 24-year-old man are facing multiple weapons charges. The woman is also facing charges for dangerous driving and attempting to evade a police officer.