Police find homemade explosive device after catching break-and-enter suspect

Police found this homemade explosive device inside a vehicle connected to a series of break-and-enters. (Photo courtesy Prince Albert Police Service)

Police found a homemade explosive device in a truck connected to a string of break-and-enters.

Officers located a suspect wanted for recent break-and-enters and allegedly driving a stolen vehicle. On Wednesday, he was stopped in a parking lot exiting a fast food drive-thru in a van.

They searched the 22-year-old man and found 7.5 grams of cocaine on his person. They impounded the van and found stolen electronics and two rifle scopes.

The next day, police tracked down a Ford F-150 thought to be involved in a number of crimes in and around Prince Albert. They impounded the truck and searched it. Inside, they found a homemade explosive device and safely removed it from the truck.

The Prince Albert Police Service and the RCMP have both laid charges. The Regina man is accused of possession of methamphetamine and cocaine, possession of a weapon, namely an explosive, dangerous to the public peace, evading a police officer in a motor vehicle and possession of stolen property.