Organizers grateful for another strong year of support at annual Mont. St. Joseph Gala

Auctioneer Eric Schmalz looks for a bidder during the charity auction portion of the 2019 Mont. St. Joseph Gala. -- Jason Kerr/Daily Herald

She’s only spent five months on the job, but Jessica Gale is already blown away by Prince Albert’s support for the Mont. St. Joseph Home.

More than 200 people turned out for the eighth annual Mont. St. Joseph Gala at the Art Hauser Centre’s Ches Leach Lounge on Saturday. Gale said it was phenomenal to see so many people who care so much about the home.

“I never imagined the amount of support that this community produces for us,” she said.

“To have this event turn out so famously, it just makes you feel pretty good.”

Final fundraising totals won’t be known until later in the week, however previous galas set a goal of roughly $40,000. Proceeds from the event will help cover a variety of needs, such as staff education, spiritual care for residents, or new furnishing and medical equipment.

Gale said having good healthcare benefits everyone in the community, and she’s glad to see local residents recognize that.

“Mont St. Joseph’s is a facility that we’re all eventually going to need or be tied to at one point in time in our lifespan,” she explained. “It’s great to see the involvement and actually have the community have a say in what happens in the home.”

The Mont. St. Joseph Foundation originally created the annual gala to replace their old spring lottery, which ran for 12 years. Since then, the gala has become a regular fundraising fixture.

“Mont. St. Joseph’s Home is a staple in the community and we love the community involvement,” Gale said. “Obviously, with this much support that you see here tonight, they love us as well.