Back then

Herald file photo. Trains line up outside the Kinistino elevator.

Ayami Greenwood

When our dad had a job with the C.P.R.,

the Canadian Pacific Railroad,

he was absolutely star of the show.

He would go everywhere, far and wide.

 And so could we, his family for free

and share in his abiding pride.

We rode the rails, without fail,

in the luxury car, where we thrilled!

Our dad tried his hand at everything.

From loading and unloading cars

to being conductor or in the caboose,

he really cared for his job and, was of use.

It was a marvelous time, back then.

But now, how things have changed!

The C.P.R. is no longer in existence here.

Even their train tracks are past tense.

We, his family, wish the C.P.R. had lasted.

But, clearly, the die had been cast aside.

Now it seems strange, hard to understand

as if, it were all a dream, just a dream.

Yes siree Bob we were completely on par,

with grand kings and queens, back then,

when entertained, while riding the trains.

Still we smile in dear, sweet memory.