North Central reports 18 new cases, 11 recoveries, and more than 1,000 vaccine doses administered in Saturday COVID update

(File photo/Jayda Taylor)

Saskatchewan health officials reported 244 new cases, four new deaths, 1,691 new vaccine doses administered, and 190 new recoveries in their COVID-19 update on Saturday.

Two patients in their 70s from the Saskatoon Zone died after testing positive for the virus, along with. The other deaths occurred in the North West and Central East zones. Both of those patients were at least 80 years of age or older.

There are now 1,950 active cases across the province, 167 of which are in the North Central area.

North Central reported 18 new cases on Saturday, along with 11 more recoveries, putting the zone’s active case total at 167. Prince Albert has 50 active cases, three of which were reported on Saturday, while North Central 1 has 58 and North Central 3 has 59. Zone 1 reported 12 new cases one Saturday, while Zone 3 reported three.

The province also assigned four additional cases to North Central. These cases were reported before Saturday, but did not include residency information.

Residents in North Central received 1,061 of the 1,691 vaccine doses administered on Friday. That was the highest total for any area in the province. North East was second with 450 doses.

The three far north zones reported a combined 32 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday, 23 of which were in the Far North West. The other nine were in Far North Central. The Far North East reported no new cases.

Another 19 patients from the far north have recovered from the virus, 11 of which were in the Far North West. There are now 43 active cases in Far North Central, 118 in the Far North East and 147 in the Far North West.

The North East Zone reported 8 new cases on Saturday, six of which were in North East Zone 2. The remaining cases came from Zone 1. The North East also reported 10 more recoveries, dropping their active case total to 78.

The Saskatoon Zone reported the highest number of new cases on Saturday with 66, followed by the Regina Zone with 55 and the North West Zone with 33.

Saskatoon continues to have the highest number of active cases with 501, followed by Regina with 394 and North West with 217. The South West Zone has the lowest number of active cases with three, followed by the South Central Zone with 37.

Saskatchewan has 187 people in hospital with COVID-19, including 22 people in intensive care. Two of those ICU patients are in North Central.

The province processed 3,157 COVID-19 tests on Friday. More than 541,000 tests have been processed to date.