Nipawin council approves flexible work arrangement policy

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by Nicole Goldsworthy
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The Town of Nipawin is adding some flexibility into its work arrangements for its employees.

On Dec. 11 council approved a modified work arrangement policy.

Two types of arrangement are available: an earned time off system were the employee can earn additional time each day to earn time off at a rate of one day per every three weeks; and the ability to work from home occasionally.

“The modified work agreement was approved as pilot program for one year where out of scope office employees can opt in,” said Derek Seckinger, general manager of community services said. “The reasoning behind the policy is to assist in creating a healthy balance between work and life, this will allow employees that may not take the necessary time away from the office and the stresses of work an outlet outside of accrued holidays.”

The modified work agreements must take into account the operational needs of the town. Employees must consider their schedule, responsibilities, and deadlines when scheduling days off in accordance with this policy. These agreements shall be for three week periods.

“The work from home portion of the project is strictly on the [chief administrative officer’s] discretion and will be utilized to complete projects or take part in training opportunities without direct distraction that can come from the day to day within a municipal office,” Seckinger said.