New name and substitution policy in place after SRSC constitution changes

Logo from SRSC Facebook page.

The Saskatchewan Rivers Students for Change (SRSC) has made some changes to their constitution to try to encourage engagement.

At the board of education’s regular meeting on Monday, trustee and SRSC chair Cher Bloom updated the board on the changes, which include a substitution policy and a name change for students.
Student trustees will now be known as student representatives to the board.

“It essentially will give the students that are involved in that leadership capacity some of the possibility to not be at every meeting, but welcome to be if they want to be,” director of education Neil Finch said.

Student board representatives will still be one urban and one rural representative. Students must have been a member of the board one year before being elected.

Another change is that instead of the Student Representatives trying to attend meetings they must coordinate representation at meetings so there is a representative in attendance. This change comes after last year where there was some turnover and representatives were not present at every meeting.

“This will just spread the capacity of our students and the leadership role that they have as well,” Finch said.

SRSC Representatives are still not allowed to make a motion but can suggest a motion. Student Representatives are not allowed to vote but may take part in discussion and debate.