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New livestreaming service to be introduced at City Arenas

New livestreaming service to be introduced at City Arenas
Daily Herald file photo by Bradley Ruszkowski.

To ensure that no one will have to miss an important game at the City’s arenas again, Council approved the use of a livestreaming service that will soon be available at the Art Hauser Centre, Kinsmen and Steuart Arena.

During Monday’s City Council meeting, Councillor Blake Edwards said the service is long overdue for the City.

“Many, many other communities have this and it’s exciting for grandparents or those that can’t get to the games to watch minor hockey or whatever else is going on in the areas,” said Edwards.

Livestreaming services operate on a subscription-based system and provide everyone, including coaches, athletes and parents with live broadcasts and On-Demand video archives. The services use a camera that is set up without an operator and runs on motion of the puck.

According to a report from the City’s Sport and Recreation Manager Curtis Olsen, livestreaming has become popular for arenas across Saskatchewan, prompting the Community Services Department to research what options are available for Prince Albert.

After a subsequent review, LiveBarn Inc. was chosen as the best option as it requires no financial contribution from the City or any sporting groups.

A condition of the agreement between the City and LiveBarn states that the livestreaming company will install and maintain all hardware and software required for the operation of the automated online broadcast service, at LiveBarn’s own expense.

Coun. Dennis Ogrodnick said some residents have expressed concerns that LiveBarn will have 24/7 access to the City Arenas, but Community Services Director Jody Boulet confirmed that the City of Prince Albert has the capability to restrict and control viewing.

Boulet said this would also apply to organizers that either have another service in place, such as the Western Hockey League that runs through the Canadian Hockey League App, or for events wanting a specialty service.

Olsen’s report notes that consultations were done with the Prince Albert Mintos and Prince Albert Bears, with both teams stating they are satisfied with the livestreaming services they already have in place.

Benefits for LiveBarn subscribers include being able to watch fully automated, HD Live and On Demand broadcasts from anywhere, at any time and on any device, share highlights via social media and email, and save videos.

According to their website, subscriptions to LiveBarn start at $14.95 per month.

Following unanimous approval by City Council, Administration will begin work on promoting and advertising the livestreaming service once it is operational at the Art Hauser Centre, Kinsmen and Steuart Arena.