New John V. Hicks Gallery exhibit puts focus on the humanity of plants and animals

Photography lovers will have the John V. Hicks Gallery to the themselves over the next month when the gallery’s newest exhibit opens on June 1.

‘Anthrop o Naturel’ puts the focus on nature photography, with a collection of images featuring flora, fauna and landscape shots from photography artist, agrologist, and forester Ellie Desgranges.

Desgranges said she wanted to create an exhibit that would challenges the perception that animals and plants are essentially different from humans.

“Using anthropomorphism, I highlight the anthropogenic behaviors and characteristics of these characters and place them centre-stage to relate what their lives might be like in the wild in a new journalism storytelling style,” she said in a press release. “To emphasize their psychology, I have also drawn parallels with mental health. This collection is thus a unique representation of the local environment, from a blended scientific and artistic perspective, rendered as photography art.”

The exhibit runs from June 1-23. Desgranges will be in attendance for the opening reception on June 2. The doors open at 6 p.m.

Desgranges moved from Montreal to the prairies at the age of 20, and has spent the past decade photographing her environment and highlighting its anthropogenic behaviors and characteristics.