New Hudson Bay pool opens to public

Photo courtesy of Town of Hudson Bay. Hudson Bay's new pool opens to the public tonight, Aug. 11. Photo courtesy of Town of Hudson Bay.

by Nicole Goldsworthy
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

After passing a final inspection today, Hudson Bay’s new swimming pool is opening to the public.

It opens 7 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 11.

“The plans are to be open until the September long weekend.” said Amanda Purves, chief administrative officer for the Town of Hudson Bay. “We have very limited lifeguards, and with them going back to university, we are trying to get creative on how we can stay open for that last week of August and into the long weekend.”

Purves said the final cost of the new swimming pool was almost $2 million. The Town of Hudson Bay received an Investing in Canada Infrastructure grant for the pool upgrade, which has a both federal and provincial component; Federal $639,120, Provincial $532,547 for a total of $1,171,667. Purves said, “The ICIP grant pays for 73.33 per cent of the project, however, that is of the base project, which did not include the slide upgrade or project cost overages.”

The community of Hudson Bay started fundraising for their new swimming pool in 2018 at the Rider Block party. Since then, the community of Hudson Bay and the Swimming pool fundraising committee has fundraised $428,800. Purves commended and gave huge thanks to the Pool Fundraising Committee for all their hard work. To date, the Town of Hudson Bay has paid $248,000 towards the pool.

“We have approximately $149,000 left to fundraise.”

The fundraising committee consists of Meagan Dickson, Stacey Kozak, Kathy Bank, Amanda Onyskiw, Deanna Piwtorak and Sandy Bashnick.

“As mayor, I am more than ecstatic that the pool is finally done,” said Betty Lou Palko. “Our community has invested so much in this endeavour, financial and volunteer hours. We have persevered through crazy weather which slowed the process down, delays of materials, cost overruns etc. These have all held up our opening date but I’m sure much of the community will appreciate this treasure. Kudos to our public works and recreation staff for all of the work they have done. Lots of heart and soul has gone into this project. Thanks for always staying positive.️”

The previous swimming pool was built in 1981. Purves said, structurally, it was getting old, the concrete was cracking, each year the list of repairs was getting longer and longer – and costing more each year to repair and maintain.

The swimming pool started construction in the fall of 2022.