Longtime Catholic School Board trustee recognized for work with Catholic education

Prince Albert Catholic School Division Photo Albert Provost (front) along with (L to R) trustees Pat Hordyski, Suzanne Stubbs and Crystal Halliday.

Former Prince Albert Catholic School Board trustee Albert Provost was recently recognized for his service.

Provost received the Higgins Award at the CCSTA (Canadian Catholic Trustees Association) Annual General Meeting, which took place on June 3. This award highlights Provost’s outstanding accomplishments in education and serves as an inspiration to the Catholic education community.

this accolade recognizes Provost’s unwavering commitment, visionary leadership, and tireless efforts in fostering excellence within the Catholic school system.

Provost, a revered figure within the Catholic education community, has devoted his career to the advancement of Catholic education in Canada. With over 30 years of experience as an educator, administrator, and advocate, Provost has made a lasting imprint on the lives of countless students and educators alike.

Throughout his career, Provost has spearheaded innovative educational initiatives, fostering an environment that nurtures academic excellence while promoting spiritual growth and values. He has been instrumental in implementing inclusive educational practices that prioritize the well-being and success of all students, ensuring that each individual’s unique gifts and talents are celebrated and supported.

As a trustee with the Prince Albert Catholic School Board, Provost served on many committees such as the Audit Committee, Discipleship Committee, Staff Appreciation and Recognition Committee, and liaison for the Prince Albert Catholic Education Foundation.

The Prince Albert Catholic Education Foundation is a partnership between Catholic schools, parishes and the larger community. It is committed to nurturing, promoting and supporting the vision, mission and core values of the Catholic School system. Albert co-founded this very important foundation. He was instrumental in helping the foundation raise over $600,000 for the upgrades to École St. Mary High School.

Provost also spearheaded Toonies for Tuition Campaign of the Canadian Catholic School Trustees’ Association. He championed at the local and national level this charitable foundation to assist students in Catholic schools with their tuition cost in provinces with limited or no public funding.

The Prince Albert Catholic School Division congratulates Provost on the reception of this wonderful award.

The Higgins Award, named after the late Dr. Eugene M. Higgins, is presented annually to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding dedication to Catholic education and has made a significant impact on the lives of students, educators, and communities.

The award recognizes individuals who exemplify the values and mission of the CCSTA, promoting Catholic education as a cornerstone of faith-filled education and community building.