Local artist Mrazek opens new exhibition at Grace Campbell Gallery

Michael Oleksyn/Daily Herald Jerome Mrazek (Centre) talks with guests about his art at his Meet and Greet at the Grace Campbell Gallery on Saturday afternoon.

Prince Albert artist Jerome Mrazek is the new featured artist in the Grace Campbell Gallery, located at the John M. Cuelenaere Public Library.

Mrazek hosted a Meet and Greet on Saturday afternoon to launch his newest exhibition Jerome Mrazek: Recent Artwork. The work on display includes watercolours and other paintings made over the previous two or three years.

“As far as people looking at the collection, I really appreciate them coming out to see it,” Mrazek said. “We have had a nice response so far this week, and it’s an honour for me.”

The differences between urban and rural settings are common themes in Mrazek’s paintings. His works focus on local buildings, like the Prince Albert Arts Centre, along with rural pieces based on his time at the Kenderdine Art Camp at Emma Lake.

“There are those two things, and then I kind of diversified,” he explained. “I got into some floral types of things recently and so that’s kind of just carried on with the urban as well.”

Michael Oleksyn/Daily Herald People had a chance to enjoy the new exhibition Jerome Mrazek: Recent Artwork at the Meet and Greet on Saturday at the Grace Campbell Gallery.

While some individual pieces have popped up in different exhibits, this is the first time the collection has been shown together. Former Mann Art Gallery curator Jesse Campbell curated the exhibit. Mrazek is a member of the Studio 1010 painting collective and has displayed art during their exhibits. He credited Campbell for helping get this solo exhibit off the ground.

“It is my first so I needed some reinforcements,” he said. “(I) appreciated the help.”

Mrazek said that sometimes another person’s eye can see the art differently than the artist themselves, which helps with the selection process. He viewed the Meet and Greet as a great opportunity for people to get out of the house and enjoy art like they used to.
“It gives more people a chance to have a look and a chat and talk about their art, my art and generally have a ‘let’s get out after two years’ conversation,” he said.

Mrazek has created plenty of art over the past several years, but this exhibit focuses on the last two. Attendees can purchase pieces they like. Mrazek said he appreciates all the people who buy his art.

“That is such an honour and I want to reiterate that to people,” he said. “You just don’t make this stuff and assume someone’s going to like it. If they do, that’s wonderful and I very much appreciate that.”

The show runs until May 31 at the Grace Campbell Gallery.