Letter to the editor: wage supplement distribution unjust


I am wondering how the Saskatchewan Premier and Finance Minister decided and justified which Health Care Employees would receive the temporary wage supplement!

The Federal Government provided money to all Province’s Premiers to fund a temporary wage supplement for ALL essential frontline workers during this pandemic.

Yet, only a portion of this money was distributed and targeted to only Long Term Care Employees and to a lesser extent more recently to Home Care Employees.

Hospital Employees were left out completely as they received zero of that Federal money. I am wondering where the rest of the money is?

Was this unequal distribution of the Federal wage supplement intentional?

Does the Saskatchewan Provincial Government de-value their Hospital Employees that much? Is that the message the Premier and Finance Minister are sending us?

All Provincial Hospital Employees are still waiting for our share of the wage supplement we deserve and that was allotted to us!
We “are” a valued part of the Saskatchewan Health Care team!

Marte Olsen