It’s a time to be jolly

With Christmas fast approaching it is time to ensure your holiday is not affected by tragedy. Ensuring the safety of loved ones and guests is important at any time of year but Christmas brings added hustle and bustle to everyone’s house.

  • Prevent choking:  For children especially, small toys and special foods can be an accident waiting to happen.  Ensure toys are appropriate for the age of the child and won’t create a danger for younger children in the household. Don’t put out nuts or candies when young children are expected, and don’t allow children to run around with food in their hands or mouth.  Learn basic first aid, so you know how to help a choking victim.
  • Buckle up – During the holiday season, more people are on streets and highways. Wearing a seat belt may prevent injury in a motor vehicle collision. Ensure that all passengers are wearing safety belts. Seat children in the back seat of the car and in approved safety seats.
  • Enroll in a First Aid & CPR course – Although these tips can help prevent an emergency, it is also important to be prepared should an emergency arise. Consider a first aid gift certificate available from our office.

Cold weather is something we must deal with every winter. Dress for the weather during the holidays and all winter long can prevent injury. Don’t forget extra blankets, clothes and safety gear when traveling this Christmas.

  • Dress in layers with an insulating layer and water/wind proof outer shell. You can always remove layers as the temperature increases or due to exercise
  • Cover your head as we loose 65% of our heat from our head
  • Be sure to cover your face and neck, but avoid strangulation hazards with long toques, scarves and draw strings on hoods. Tuck them into the jacket.
  • Always know the weather forecast before you venture out, be cautious of increased wind chill values
  • If clothes get wet remove them as soon as possible to prevent hypothermia
  • Watch for frostbite, areas of skin that are discolored, appear white or are painful to the touch. Never rub affected areas.
  • If the person displays any unusual behavior while being outside for extended periods of time, suspect hypothermia. Bring them to warm shelter, warm them and call for immediate medical assistance.

Winter Sports

  • Helmets are important when tobogganing or sledding. Look for one that is rated for cold weather and for similar type falls and speeds. There are now multi-sport helmets.
  • Choose a hill that is cleared of trees, rocks and other dangers. Make sure there is plenty of stopping distance when you reach the bottom away from roads and streets
  • Never slide down when the area in front of you is obstructed with people
  • When you reach the bottom quickly and carefully get up and move out of others way.
  • For other winter sports like snowboarding and skiing: know the area, stay on marked trails, make sure equipment is good working order, observe for hazards and always where the proper gear especially a helmet.

Wishing you a terrific holiday season, one that is merry and bright. Merry Christmas from the management and staff of Parkland Ambulance Care. Have a safe holiday!