PA resident Eleanor George donates 100 scarves for the homeless

Eleanor George poses for a photo with some of the handmade scarves she has donated. -- Nathan Reiter/Daily Herald

For the past six years, Prince Albert resident Eleanor George has been busy.

The 87-year-old donated 100 homemade scarves that will be donated to various charities to help the homeless population in Prince Albert.

She says the whole situation started after she phoned Ward 1 city councilor Charlene Miller.

“I saw a need. I watched a couple of people who were starting this program and Charlene was one of them. I phoned her one day and asked if there were any scarves because I had a lot of yarn and she said no.”

Over the past year, George committed more than 500 hours into knitting the scarves. She says she takes pride in making the scarves high quality.

“It takes five hours per scarf to make just one when you go on and on and on. I try to make them pretty so I match the colors and match the patterns and so that they have something nice to keep.”

On a typical year, George will knit 189 scarves to donate. This year, she made 100. Alongside her friend Arlene Kennedy, she says they will have enough scarves to reach 189.

“This year I only made 100 because we had some in stock from last year. Because of COVID, they haven’t been able to reach all the homeless people. Not having a party at the union center made a big difference to not finding all the people. We always had some left. I just made 100. And my friend Arlene Kennedy, a good friend of mine, made 60. We’ve got the men covered and the ladies covered.”

Charlene Miller, the city councilor for Ward 1, says the city greatly appreciates the word that both George and Kennedy.

“I’m very grateful for Eleanor and her friend Arlene to produce these scarves. I know how much hard work they are and it’s a really great feeling that they’re willing to give to the homeless people and the generosity from the ladies is fantastic.”