In the lab with natural immune formulas

This week let’s look behind the scenes, in the labs where doctors and scientists are designing health supplements that address specific goals. What’s motivating them? What are they trying to do? And how successful are they?

There are thousands of natural health supplements on the market – from vitamins and minerals to botanicals and proteins, plus all kinds of things falling into categories like enzymes and fatty acids. Then on top of this, there all the natural therapies offered by physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and so on. Collectively, it’s a mega-billion set of industries.

Complicating the scene are corporations, like Proctor & Gamble, Bayer, and Abbott. Going toe to toe in the marketplace with these giants are small businesses, whom we can say from working with them for so many years, are the experts most worth listening to.

Let’s talk then about that profit motive of either the drug companies or the natural health industry. What’s important is not that they are making money. If we all were as industrious, the economy might be better. No, we have no issue with making money from products that genuinely help people. The worst to come of it might be a small dent in the wallet – nothing in comparison to gambling, junk food, tobacco, and countless other industries that destroy lives and deserve our wrath.

Specific to healthcare products, it’s the pharmaceutical ones, with their side effects, that should trouble us. We need to scrutinize them carefully, because they come with risks and sometimes when they work well, they give society a “get out of jail” pass. What’s the incentive to work at health if a pill will do it?  It’s no good when drugs are just treatments, not solutions to the root problems.

Next, let’s look at the people in the labs working on natural products – like a powdered form of a root. You can take your chances with the lady growing the root in her backyard, or you can find umpteen versions of the same thing produced by those who test and validate the potency, cleanliness, and ethical sources of the root. Either way, unless we are talking about mushrooms, you are likely not going to get sick – and you might find help for your problem.

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been writing about postbiotics. The product getting the Gifford-Jones stamp of approval is Certified Naturals Postbiotic Immune Formula containing Epicor, a fermented yeast that has all the important metabolites that probiotics produce ready for immediate absorption. Unlike prebiotics and probiotics, postbiotics are already fermented before it gets to the gut. Here’s an example of scientists in a lab creating a product that clean, stable, and loaded with the nutrients beneficial to the gut and fueling the body’s natural immune system.

Does Epicor have any negative side effects? No. Is it backed by clinical trials evaluating effectiveness in reducing the risk of colds and flus? Yes. Is it designed by credible scientists in trusted labs? Yes. Is Certified Naturals Postbiotic Immune Formula, the product we recommend, manufactured in inspected facilities? Yes, it is.

A Gifford-Jones mantra is “all things in moderation”, and that goes for feeding your gut too – with food or supplements.

Always be sure to keep your doctor informed of what supplements you are taking. For people with low or high blood pressure, this is especially important. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should also take extra care in what they eat and what supplements they take. Never forget, keep your pills, supplements, and any other dangerous substances well out of the reach of children.

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