How to make a good dream

Ruth Griffiths

With the dawn pink in the sky, my granddaughter thrashed and muttered in bed. I patted her back and reassured her that she was just having a bad dream. Sleepily she asked, “Grandma, will you make a good dream for me?”

She suggested her “good dream” script should include flowers, butterflies and candy.”  I stroked her warm forehead and whispered a dream. She slept quietly for another three hours!

If only it were so simple for “Grandma” to fall back into dreamy sleep. The cruel irony is that now that I am retired, I awake early, my mind racing ahead to fill a day that has fewer things to fill it. If I don’t have anything to worry about, my mind creates something. For example, I have a recurring dream about not being able to find the web page that contains the weather report for Rural Roots. And there has NEVER been a weather report in Rural Roots!

Some so-called primitive cultures put much effort into training their children how to direct their dreams. They use the power of the mind to soothe, motivate and invigorate. Here are some suggestions that might help you “make a good dream.”

      •     Play soothing music several hours before going to bed.

      •     Avoid intense television programs or horror movies before bedtime. (Goodbye National News.)

      •     Use white noise and play nature sounds such as waves.  I find the fan helps to block out street noise, but I could go farther by substituting sounds that might stimulate pleasant dreams.

      •     Avoid going to bed hungry. Half a banana and a small glass of milk might work for you.

• If you have a recurring dream, try writing a new ending for it. Perhaps I might actually find that weather website in my new and improved dream.

• Adopt an attitude of gratitude. After getting into bed, think about all the things you are thankful for today. Some people call it prayer, but whatever you call it, you will feel more content about your life. Count on your fingers the things for which you are thankful. If you can’t think of anything to be thankful for, give thanks that you have fingers!