Fundraising goal of $4 million in sight for hospice

Work on the building started in the fall.

With the purchase of another 200 planks of lumber, the long-running fundraiser for the Rose Garden Hospice construction in Prince Albert will have reached its goal.

Working with Econo Lumber, the fundraising committee announced on Jan. 3 that Econo’s commitment of a $1,000 for the first 100 planks had been exceeded but then came another welcome twist.

“Our story has caught the imagination of many people and families. One of those families are Les and Irene Dube from Saskatoon. They are very well known philanthropists that happened to recently learn of our project and specifically The Help Build the Hospice Campaign,” said Marina Mitchell, a member of the committee.

In addition to the Econo donation, the Dubes will fund a similar idea, also donating for every board purchased but at five times that amount for a maximum of $500,000.

“We are just over the moon thrilled with their incentive that we are going to extend the Campaign to Jan 31,2022 to give more people a chance to purchase a 2 x 6. We have set a goal of 300. Thank you to everyone for your generosity. We are almost there,” said Mitchell.

People who buy a board will have their donation recognized, including a certificate of where in the hospice their board is. Donations are also tax deductible.