Finding time

Herald file photo. All MIghty Voice performs at the Rock Trout Café.

All Mighty Voice keeps on moving along

The local folk-rock band with a bluesy influence recently released These Days, their second single off of their upcoming second album. The group writes musically together, but each song, lyrically, typically comes from a single member’s experiences.

These Days was written by bassist Joel Rohs.

“It’s about losing track of time,” Rohs, who used his home recording studio to put the track together, said.

“Oftentimes people think being busy is a good thing, but when you’re busy, days turn to weeks s and months run together. Part of this song is (saying) to slow down a bit.”

While this is the group’s second album, it will be there first with Rohs as a member of the band. While the group originally started off as more of a folk-oriented group, they’ve shifted to a bluesier sound in recent years.

“Louder songs, more upbeat with more energy,” Rohs said. “It’s rhythmically driven. There’s not as much of a hook or a guitar riff. It’s kind of a joint force with a rhythmic feel. It’s blues-oriented groove rock.”

One thing that has remained consistent is the focus on tight harmonies.

“The focus since day one of the group is using our different voices. We wanted to preserve that out of everything we’ve changed from before. That’s super important to us.”

The process of putting the album together has helped shape the band. They would do a few months of touring at a time, then would get together back in the studio and hammer away at songs for the album. For Rohs, it’s been a process that’s helped him mesh more with his band mates Shayne Lazarowich, Ian Dickson and Jordan Balicki.

“The album has definitely brought us all together,” he said.