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Film features local faces

Film features local faces
Adreanna Boucher stars in Run Wolf, Run, a new feature-length film by Carli Robertson (Submitted photo)

It may be only her second film, but Saskatchewan-based filmmaker Carli Robertson isn’t easing herself into the medium.

Robertson is currently in the process of producing her second film, and her first full-length feature, titled Run Wolf, Run.

Robertson, who recently moved to Saskatoon from Prince Albert, has several connections to the Prince Albert community, reflected in the cast, crew and filming locations. The film stars local actors Adreanna Boucher and Thomas Hugo, also known as TJ.

Other names involved in the project include Lisa Risom, John McDonald, Cara Stelmaschuk, Janice MacGregor, Greg Krywulak, Thomas Smith, Trillian Reynoldson, Maureen Pepper and Ian Dickson.

The film is about a woman who masks her weakening sanity as she fails to recall her actions during frequent blackouts.

“It’s another psychological thriller-drama,” Robertson said. “The genre is kind of the same (as the first movie), but this one is a lot bigger for a production, and it’s going to be a full film rather than just a short.”

Robertson was a photographer prior to getting into filmmaking. She has also dabbled in acting, and actually acted in her first film. This time, she’s focusing her energies behind the camera.

“I can focus on a lot more of the details,” she said. It’s a lot more attention to the things that matter.”

So far, Robertson said, she’s enjoyed working with the cast. She specifically thanked Boucher for all of her work in the starring role.

“She’s great,” Robertson said.

“It’s so much easier having a professional like her take care of the acting rather than trying to do it myself. TJ is in the second starring role, and they’re both very on board and interested in giving their time as well, which is what I need. They’re just wonderful.”
Boucher said she is enjoying working with Robertson on this project.

“She’s smart and very creative,” Boucher said.

“She’s got a lovely energy about her. We went to the location where we’re filming, and just watching her survey a room, you can just see the wheels turning. You can see her think, and I love that.”

Robertson is not only directing, filming and producing. She also wrote the script and is helping with some of the costuming and makeup.

“I really enjoyed making the first one and I thought this would be a great opportunity,” she said.

Robertson has been working on the project for over a year. Boucher is just pleased to be a part of it.

“She wrote the script, she wrote this movie. I’m happy she’s giving me this opportunity,” Boucher said.

“I’ve worked with lots of directors and have a great respect for them and their processes. I appreciate her insights, and her giving me some creative liberty for this movie.”
Because this is such a large project, and Robertson has limited resources, she has started a GoFundMe page to help fund the project.

“Props, food for the actors, all that kind of stuff,” she said when asked what she’s raising money for.

“I’m also working a lot less in order to have time for the film, so it’s tough to fund all that without much of a paycheck.”

Once the project is done, Robertson hopes to have her film shown at the Vancouver Film Festival. Competition is tough, but that won’t stop her from trying.

She’ll also screen the movie in Saskatoon, and if time permits, Prince Albert.

Despite the stress and the sacrifice, Robertson said it’s all worth it.

“You learn a lot,” she said, “and you get to fuel your creativity.”

To learn more about the film, visit https://www.facebook.com/RunWolfFilm. The GoFundMe can be found at https://www.gofundme.com/runwolfrun.