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Home News Fighting the most common scams in Canada

Fighting the most common scams in Canada

Fighting the most common scams in Canada

The Better Business Bureau released their list of the top ten most common scams earlier this week in an effort to make people more aware of what potential scammers may do to steal your money.

The list was also released with information about the agency’s scam tracker, where victims and others who detect scams can provide details about how someone tried to fool them.

The scam tracker can be found online at www.bbb.org/scamtracker.

“I’m hoping they’ll realize there’s a place for them to research scams if they think something is not sitting right with them, whether it’s a phone call, an email or whatever it might be,” said Better Business Bureau of Saskatchewan CEO Karen Smith.

“Then they can use our scam tracker to find out information about the potential scam, and if they have been scammed, they can use (the tracker) to report it.”

According to Smith, only five per cent of scams are reported.

“The more scams that are reported, the more data we can use to help law enforcement track them down and shut them down.”