Don Wood going in with open mind as he seeks Ward 5 council seat

Don Wood is running for city council in Ward 5. Submitted photo.

A two-decade resident of the city and former student of public policy is hoping to serve Ward 5 as its councillor.

Don Wood works for the provincial Ministry of Environment in the forest service branch and previously worked for the city in the finance department. He also once owned a Prince Albert limo company. He’s studied government, though, and has a degree in public administration.

He moved to the city from Victoria 20 years ago.

He’s hoping to put those lessons into practice and is entering the Ward 5 race in the hopes of winning the election.

His name might ring a bell for Prince Albert voters, as he previously ran against Lee Atkinson in Ward 3.

“I’ve always been interested in pursuing (a council seat),” Wood said. “I decided that this year was the time to throw my hat in the ring once again.”

Wood isn’t going in with any policy agenda. Rather, he wants to serve as a voice for the people.

“I’m not going in with a personal agenda,” he said. “ I don’t have anything that’s pressing for me. I want to go in and represent what the people of my ward and the city want.”

Wood said he believes someone has to be elected and “get their feet wet” as a councillor to truly understand how the city works and then to go from there.

He’s started to hear on the campaign trail what residents’ wants and needs are.

“We have to be concerned with the big things, like the new rec centre they’re building, and to try to spur some economic growth in the city to keep it vibrant and make it more attractive for people to come here,” he said.

“I think people really like the idea of the larger rec centre, because we’ve see other cities that have done the same thing and been very successful. My hometown of Lloydminster has a very nice recreation facility. That’s going to be a good draw for the city.”

Other topics he’s heard from voters include the debate over the need for a second bridge,, doing a better job of looking after the city’s disadvantaged and ensuring city roads and infrastructure are up to date.

“There are a lot of issues on the table,” he said.

“I have to get in, get my feet wet and understand how the city works and go from there.”

When asked about the needs of his ward, Wood again cited infrastructure and ensuring the city keeps up with its needs.

“One of the big things is I want to go in and work on a team at that level, work with a bunch of people with like-minded ideas who want to work to make sure real change and some positive change in the city,” he said.

“We could all work as a big team for the betterment of our home.”

Wood is the second person seeking the Ward 5 seat. He will go up against incumbent Coun. Dennis Ogrodnick, who is coming off of his first term as a city councillor.

The municipal election is set for November 9.