Debut release

Members of the Wesley United Church choir met on Thursday to record their debut album.Josef Jacobson/Daily Herald

Wesley United Church choir records first album; proceeds to fund church projects

Fans of the Wesley United Church choir will soon be able to listen to the group’s music on the go.

The choir gathered at Wesley United Church on the evening of Oct. 13 to record its first-ever CD, copies of which will be sold to raise money for the church.

“Everybody’s always said, ‘You guys should make a recording,’ and that’s what kind of started it. And then we thought, ‘Why couldn’t we make the recording?’” choir director and pianist Phyllis McTaggart said.

“In the spring we thought it’s time that we do it because we had been talking about it for years but everybody is so busy, everybody’s got jobs. So we thought, ‘OK, let’s get it done in the fall.’”

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