Curling Across the Nation stops in P.A.

Rob Swan took his national curling tour to P.A. on Jan. 12. (Peter Lozinski/Daily Herald)

It may have been frigid outside, but at ice level at the Prince Albert Golf and Curling Club Thursday spirits were high as an initiative united curlers across Canada stopped by for an evening game.

Rob Swan is a man on a mission to curl at every club nationwide.

He is currently traversing Saskatchewan as a part of his endeavour to raise awareness for his favourite sport, while raising funds to replace his aging home curling club in the small village of Harvey Station, NB.

P.A. was the third stop of the day for Swan, who is playing several games per day, every day, at several clubs in Saskatchewan.

He started with an early morning game in Candle Lake, where it was -36 Celsius outside and -5 at ice level. Then, he headed to Christopher Lake before finishing with his stop in P.A.

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