Inmate gets 21 months for prison fight

The Bulldog case went to closing time at the Court of Queen's Bench on Friday, as Justice Scherman considered complex arguments and examined video evidence.

With 18 months credit for time served, Dustin Bulldog will serve an additional three months for kicking another inmate in the head at Saskatchewan Penitentiary

An inmate involved in a brutal prison fight will serve three more months in jail, a judge ruled Friday.

Justice B.J. Scherman, of Prince Albert’s Court of Queen’s Bench, took all day to render a sentence in the case of Dustin Bulldog, who had already pleaded guilty to aggravated assault. Scherman spent the morning watching video footage of a fight that erupted, on Dec. 9th 2013, on the basketball court of Saskatchewan Penitentiary.

Bulldog, now 29, had just netted a successful basket when, with little warning, he kicked a crouching man in the head. The man falls to the ground, unresponsive, and Bulldog punches him.

That man is William Morin, who ended up unconscious and intubated in hospital. He needed reconstructive surgery for a broken jaw, and speech therapy to learn to talk properly again.

But Bulldog didn’t do it alone. After that initial kick, another prisoner, Colton Joe, stomped on Moran’s head – again and again.

Crown prosecutor Cynthia Alexander argued that Bulldog should be held accountable for the consequences of the whole episode, even if Joe did much of the damage. She initially wanted eight years, with some credit for time served.

The defence had a different theory…

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