Cupid’s Heart and guests impress sold out Rock Trout crowd

Photo by Scott Roos. Stacey Dunn (left) and Emma Jean (right) of Cupid’s Heart perform at the Rock Trout Café on Saturday, Jan. 21.

The joint was jumpin’ this past Saturday, Jan. 21 as The Rock Trout played host to Saskatoon’s Dylan Jules Cooper, The Great Fuss and local headliners Cupid’s Heart.

The show served as the final stop on the “Juliet” single release mini-tour. It was a sold out affair with many Prince Albert music scene stalwarts in attendance. 

“Finishing our single release tour to a sold out venue in our hometown Prince Albert was remarkable,” Cupid’s Heart singer/guitarist Emma Jean said in a brief conversation with the Herald. “It was the first time I’ve played to a full house like that. For me, it was a mix of gratitude and excitement. The audience was in a good mood like us, and you could tell they were all there for music. They were responsive and attentive.”

“I felt elated,” added Cupid’s Heart cellist Stacey Dunn, “To see everyone enjoying themselves, enjoying the music – it was wonderful. There is a certain energy that only the hometown can bring and it was definitely brought Saturday night. That kind of energy permeates and is on stage with you. It was such a cherry-on-top ending to our tour.”

Sonically, Cupid’s Heart as a duo, presents a curious blend of grunge, darkwave, industrial and power chord infused punk rock. It’s sort of like if Nirvana, Florence and the Machine, Rasputina, The Pretenders, Apocalyptica and Dvorak’s Cello Concerto were thrown into a blender. Is it a delicious concoction meant to tantalize your auditory palette? That’s a matter of personal taste but will you remember it tomorrow? Resounding yes… Because it’s unique and original. 

The weighty cello lines of Dunn are often caked with crusty distortion underneath the vocal moans and howls of Jean. And there’s a drum machine. It’s groovy and danceable, with choruses laden with hooks that you can sing along to. Jean is a great frontwoman (and) very engaging. Dunn is able to command attention on her own too with her aggressive bowing technique and inventive phrasing.

The Rock Trout audience seemed to dig it and filled the dance floor in support of what they were hearing. A fun time was had by all. 

In February, the duo intend to embark on an SK Arts supported western tour dubbed the “Prince II Prince Tour”. The plan is to kick things off at The Spice Trail in Prince Albert on Feb. 18 and wind their way down the open roads eventually landing in Prince George, B.C.

In the meantime, “Juliet” is available on all your favourite streaming platforms and the band has some pretty killer merch too. Cupid’s Heart is a band on the rise because they have something important to say and a cool way of saying it. Support local.