Country music star Dean Brody eager to take his talents to the Art Hauser Centre

Country music star Dean Brody will perform in Prince Albert at the Art Hauser Centre on May 11. Photo from the Dean Brody Facebook page.

Scott Roos

Special to the Herald

On Saturday, May 13th, Prince Albert will “Fling Into Spring” as multi-platinum Canadian country music singer-songwriter Dean Brody stops by the Art Hauser Centre to play a very special performance.

Brody was on a roll in 2022, headlining multiple festival stages across Canada, playing sold out shows, was nominated for prestigious awards and released a handful of extremely successful singles. He’s very much looking forward to playing Prince Albert. He enjoys playing in Canada. 

“Anywhere in Canada I feel pretty much at home,” Brody told the Herald in a telephone interview, “I love this country and honestly…. for the most part people that listen to country music listen to my stuff. We have a lot in common. It doesn’t matter if I’m in Newfoundland or the Prairies, we have a lot in common just being Canadians.”

Brody underscores authenticity and relatability as a key ingredient when it comes to his successes. 

“I guess (I like) singing about the country and it’s a pretty simple life,” Brody, who grew up in rural British Columbia explains, “I try to be true to who I was and who I am and hopefully people can relate to that.

A soft spoken and introverted by nature, Brody credits legendary country singer Alan Jackson as someone who was a key influence early on. Producer Matt Rovey, who had worked with Jackson, had explained that Jackson was even quieter in person than Brody was. Brody took that to heart and has not looked back since.

“I’m a pretty quiet guy. I think folks would be a bit surprised,” Brody adds, “I sat in the back of the class (growing up).All my friends from back home can’t believe I’m on the stage. Honestly, sometimes I tell them I can’t believe it either. It’s an interesting thing to be a quiet person but want to sing for people and want to relate to them through music.”

“It stretches me to be able to go and to be the centre of attention when really I’m still the kid that sits at the back of the class.”

Brody, of course, is being humble. He’s a powerhouse singer, and a phenomenal songwriter. It will be a rare treat for Prince Albert to host an artist of his caliber in the arena environment of the Art Hauser Centre.

Local to Saskatchewan sensations Jake Vaadeland and the Sturgeon River Boys will open the festivities. Tickets for this event will be sold exclusively through or the Prince Albert Raiders office.