Council moves options on 2020 Civic Election to administration

Prince Albert City Council discussed civic election options at their special meeting on March 23.

Discussion continues on the 2020 Civic and In-City School Board Election Options at Prince Albert City Council’s special meeting on Monday, March 23. The options were moved to administration for consideration at an upcoming council meeting.

Ballots for the Civic election will not be rotated to save money. The automated ballot option will cost $19,500 as opposed to the $41,250 that the rotated ballot would cost. Ward 8 Coun. Ted Zurakowski sought clarification on whether the ballots would be rotated or alphabetical.

In the discussion Ward 2 Coun. Terra Lennox-Zipp raised some concerns about a few items in the report. She sought clarification on whether those who pay for bus passes would also be subsidized in the free transit for Election Day. The estimate shows approximately 1,566 routes from the 2016 election at a cost of $861 in lost revenue.

“I believe this is the rides that would be applicable to not including those people with passes,” Corporate Legislative Manager Terri Mercier said.

Lennox-Zepp plans to send an inquiry to administration to clarify what a loss of revenue means in this context.

Another change in the report is regarding the $100 nomination fee. The report suggests that unlike previous elections, candidates would not get the deposit back if they complied with election bylaws. Instead the city would keep the deposit unless the person was victorious.

“I do not like the idea in the report that perhaps the city can keep all of those deposits unless you win. In a democracy maybe you don’t want that and a major financial impact for people to actually run,” she said.