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Home News Construction season at Little Red begins Monday

Construction season at Little Red begins Monday

Construction season at Little Red begins Monday
The entrance to Little Red River Park. -- Daily Herald file photo

Little Red River Park will be bustling with activity over the next several weeks as improvements to the area are scheduled to start on May 8, and the City is thanking the public for their patience as they visit the Park throughout the summer.

“It will be a busy construction season as City crews push to complete the remainder of 2022 and 2023 improvements,” said City Parks Manager Tim Yeaman. “Please be mindful of workers in and around the Park’s core area completing the work.”

The Rotary Adventure Park and Zip Lines will see the final equipment construction, with the beginning of landscaping and finishing work to follow. This includes improved pathways, picnic areas with benches, picnic tables, fire pits, garbage bins and signage.

Crews will begin milling the main road to the Cosmo Lodge from Highway 55 and additional parking will be added near the lodge.

The Toboggan Hill Parking area will see landscape finishing work and installation of stump posts, and the centre parking lot between the Cosmo Lodge and the Toboggan Hill will see improvements. Construction of a Warm-up Shelter is also scheduled to begin later this summer near the Cosmo Lodge.

“The legacy we are building through the improvements to Little Red will provide years of enjoyment for families and people of all ages and abilities,” said the City. “We extend a big Thank-You to all who have partnered on this project.”

According to a media release from the City, residents will be invited to a grand opening of Little Red later this year, once all the work in the park is completed.