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Home News Students take to the outdoors as part of Prince Albert-wide community cleanup

Students take to the outdoors as part of Prince Albert-wide community cleanup

Students take to the outdoors as part of Prince Albert-wide community cleanup
Ward 1 Coun. Charlene Miller works with a Queen Mary Grade 4 student to clean up the city for Pitch-In Week on May 8, 2023. -- Jayda Taylor/Daily Herald

Queen Mary Public School made the outdoors its classroom for a group of Grade 4s on Monday.

Students picked up garbage as part of Prince Albert’s Community Cleanup and Pitch-In Week, running from May 8 to 13. Lilybell Kahmahkotayo, one of the students, explained why it’s important to clean up litter left behind after the snow melts.

“When you put garbage on the ground, it hurts the plants and the oxygen will go away,” she said, adding that it’s more fun to play outside when the grass is healthy.

“If we go outside and the grass is dead, it doesn’t really look nice,” said Kahmahkotayo.“Then it gets all over your clothes. When it’s alive, it doesn’t really come out that easily.”

Ward 1 Coun. Charlene Miller organized the school cleanups, which she’s also doing at Wesmor, Westview and St. Michaels. It’s something she’s been organizing for a decade.

“I was looking around and seeing a few things, you know, yards that needed some help. I decided, if people need help, I may as well help them out,” said Miller.

“I involve the school students because it’s important for them to realize, too, that it’s important to clean up after winter.”

Teacher Chelsea Horan said Grade 4 science includes learning about the environment and animal habitats, so getting the students outside to cleanup puts those teachings into practice.

Several of her students are also engaged in taking care of the environment outside of class, she said.

“I have quite a few that tend to actually pick up stuff on the playground without being asked. They’ll spend their mornings cleaning up the playground and the school yard,” said Horan.

Pitch-In Week also encourages other groups, such as businesses, organizations, or even friends and family, to clean up around the community.

To help with cleanup efforts, the City is asking residents to bring items such as electronics, yard waste and recyclables to one of three locations: the Kinsmen Water Park, Crescent Heights Rink or Parkland Hall. Residents can also bring rimless tires to Kal Tire or OK Tire.

Hazardous waste is not accepted during Pitch-In Week.