City urges residents to follow public health orders as weather warms up

Kids play in the Kinsmen Park spray park on July 1, 2019. (Jayda Noyes/Daily Herald)

The City of Prince Albert is asking visitors and residents to respect public health guidelines at outdoor parks and facilities after a flurry of complaints during the first few days of spring.

The City issued a press release on Thursday asking everyone to avoid gathering in crowds of more than 10 people, while also ensuring physical distancing of more than two meters between households.

Mayor Greg Dionne said they worried some park visitors were becoming complacent as healthcare workers administer more and more vaccinations.

“We’ve been receiving complaints from the public and we have to react,” Dionne said on Friday. “People have to realize we’re not vaccinated yet. We are rolling out the vaccine, but it’s very important that we continue to follow the (public health) guidelines.”

Dionne said they received the highest number of complaints on April 7, when temperatures soared to around 20 C. The City plans to increase police and bylaw patrols to help monitor park use. Work crews will also reinstall signs that were taken down during the winter.

Dionne added that he hoped the first day of complaints was simply due to spring fever.

“It went to 22 above, and everyone flocked outside,” he said. “Since then, we haven’t had an incident, so let’s relax a little. We’re just warning them again to remind them.”

If necessary, the Dionne said the City will consider closing outdoor parks and spaces.

“We all need to be part of the solution,” he explained. “There are rules in place to protect everyone from the spread. If you arrive at a park and there are more than 10 people, keep your distance or find another place to go.”

For more information about the City of Prince Albert’s COVID-19 guidelines, visit the City’s website at