City touts improved transit service with free ridership on Sept. 1

Herald file photo.

The City of Prince Albert says they’ve put past transit problems behind them just in time for the start of the new school year, and they’re offering a free day of ridership to celebrate. 

Effective immediately, transit users can look forward to a more reliable bus schedule with all six routes open, thanks to the additional, recently acquired buses now in operation. 

To promote Prince Albert’s Transit service, as well as welcome new riders and the new fleet, the City is offering free transit on Sept. 1. 

“This will allow students of all ages to try City Transit for free to start the school year,” reads a city media release. 

In case of emergency shortages, a mitigation plan has been created that allows for hourly transit service. The City says this will maximize service to all locations.

Effective August 30, the Rush Hour route will be changed to expand coverage for existing riders and further accommodate high school students from the Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division. 

The improved route will also expand service on Central Ave. and 28th Street E., improve service capacity at Carlton Comprehensive High School and reduce travel time from the Transit Station. If a bus is removed from service and only five are available, there will still be two buses servicing Carlton every half an hour. 

High School Student subsidized bus passes are available at Carlton, St. Mary’s, Wesmor, and Prince Albert Collegiate Institute for $20 a month.

The new route map and Transit updates are posted on the City’s website at