City of Prince Albert shares tips on preparing for spring run off

After the highest snowfall levels in more than 30 years, the City of Prince Albert has asked residents to take extra precaution to prevent flood damage as the weather heats up. -- Photo submitted by City of Prince Albert.

The City of Prince Albert would like to share some tips with residents to prepare for spring run off and prevent homes from flooding. 

Snow accumulation this winter has been the highest in the city in over 30 years and removing it has been a challenge for everyone, including residents, and city crews. Your home may be at risk of flooding if the snow melts quickly, even if it has not flooded before. 

Here are a few tips you can follow to prevent your home from flooding:

Remove snow from around your foundation, starting with any snow close to basement windows. Water too close to your basement wall can seep through tiny cracks and create a damp basement, or damage the foundation of your house. Shoveling snow is hard work but is made easier by doing a little bit each day. 

Clear snow and ice from around the bottom of your downspouts and extend the downspouts at least two metres so water drains away from the foundation. Check your roof and gutters for excess snow and leaves. Be considerate of your neighbors and prevent water from draining onto their property.

Help keep catch basins clear in your area by safely clearing snow, ice, and debris from the catch basins where possible. Try to keep snow in your yard as shoveling onto streets or lanes could block drains. City crews are busy steaming frozen catch basins to ensure proper drainage on City streets. You can report a frozen catch basin to Public Works at (306) 953-4900.

Slow down when you see a pothole or pool of water to avoid vehicle damage and splashing pedestrians. New potholes will appear often during the freeze/thaw cycle at this time of year. Help crews locate potholes by reporting them using the City of Prince Albert’s online form.

A more comprehensive list of tips to prevent basement flooding due to spring run off can be found at