Not Just A Secret

Diane Lavoie, Owner of Our Little Secret Boutique.

Our Little Secret Boutique was inspired by a woman, a mother, a grandmother, a girlfriend, a friend, and a shopper. A woman who just wanted to share the shopping experience resembling high end designer brands at a low-cost effective approach to customers.

Our Little Secret Boutique offers intimate apparel for men and ladies, scarves, leggings, gloves, belts, memorial items, solar lights, trinkets and many more hidden treasures. Many of us browse the stores and don’t know what to buy that loved one or special friend just because. That’s where Our Little Secret Boutique comes to the rescue.

Allowing the consumer to purchase a unique piece at a cost efficient price, if you elect, to peek inside our ‘secret’ hiding spot, you will find a hidden treasure. At Our Little Secret Boutique our friendly staff will help make your shopping experience a delight.