Catholic Division begins plans for meetings with Minister and MLAs with elections in mind

Herald file photo.

With both provincial and municipal elections on the horizon, the Prince Albert Catholic School Division board of education is planning meetings with both Minister of Education Jeremy Cockrill and Members of the Legislative Assembly.

During the board’s regular meeting on April 8, education director Lorel Trumier canvassed the board for possible dates.

With the provincial election scheduled to be held on or before October 28 and municipal elections scheduled for Nov. 13 the board decided to invite Cockrill in September, but dates have not been determined. The board hopes to meet with other MLAs after the provincial election, with a date yet to be determined.

“Our current board and our previous boards have always prioritized advocating for our students and staff in our meetings with the Minister,” Trumier said. “We’ve done this annually—sometimes three or four times a year—but we definitely always try to do one

early in the fall.”

Trumier said that because the election is early in the 2024-2025 school year, the board wants to meet with Cockrill around that time.

“I know that he has promised to come back to see our pilot program that we are starting out at St. John,” Trumier said. “He’ll want to most likely see our capital project as well this fall because we’ll be in a position to show that as well as have some time to advocate for the needs of our children and our staff and our school division. (We’re) looking forward to that.”

Trumier said the decision around the MLA meetings was where the greatest adjustment would occur.

“We will not shy away from inviting the Members of the Legislative Assembly that serve our area to come and become familiar with our school division, whether they’re new or not,” Trumier explained. “It’s important for us to do that.”

“There’s lots to talk about, lots to improve, lots to celebrate and we hope that we will have their ear,” she added.