Acorn attempts to address RM of PA meeting

Councillor Wayne Acorn attempted to address the RM of Prince Albert’s meeting on Thursday, October 8./Michael Oleksyn

Division 5 councillor Wayne Acorn appeared for the first time since being kicked out of the RM of Prince Albert’s regular meeting in February to address council last Thursday.  Acorn has been suspended from all council matters since February.

The first item after on the agenda  after the meeting was called to order was an opportunity for Councillor Acorn to address Reeve and Council.

“Like I said in July on the radio I apologize to the Reeve, to the administration and council if I did anything to offend them and that is the same thing here and I guess that’s all I have to say,” Acorn said.

Reeve Eric Schmalz asked Acorn to provide a written apology to council. Acorn said that he could provide that at the time of the meeting.

“Have you sought any educational training with regards to the behavior exhibited?” asked Schmalz.

 “You can talk to my lawyer Mr. Lavoie from Stonechild Lavoie,” Acorn said.

 “There is a resolution on the table that councillor Acorn did not take the opportunity to remedy his conduct from the meeting of February 13 and as such is in contravention of the Code of Ethics that requires a member to treat every person including members of council and employees with understanding and respect and that he be removed from this meeting of council,” Schmalz said,

The motion was made by Division 4 councillor Richard Wilson and carried.

“Thank you have a good day,” Acorn said.

Acorn then left the meeting and the office. When the deadline for candidates to apply had passed on October 8 Acorn was a candidate for the position of Reeve, along with Schmalz.

His wife Debbie Acorn is a candidate for Division 5 councillor along with Colin Sheldon. In Division 3 candidates included incumbent Barton Franc, along with Guy St. Hilaire and Allan Novotny. Division 1 councillor Michael Grassick was the only candidate and won his seat by acclimation. The election is on November 9.

The final motion of the February 13 meeting by Franc read “That being that Councillor Wayne Acorn was found in contravention of the RM of Prince Albert’s Code of Ethics Bylaw No. 15 of 2016, Councillor Wayne Acorn is hereby suspended from representing the RM of Prince Albert No. 461 on any and all Committees, Bodies and Associations until such time that Councillor Acorn attend and complete educational training for ethical and respectful conduct as well as present a verbal and written apology to the Reeve, Council and Administration at a Regular RM of Prince Albert Council meeting. This remedial action is effective immediately.”

According to the minutes, Reeve Eric Schmalz made a motion early in the meeting that Acorn be removed from the meeting for making a threatening gesture.

Division Councillor Franc then took the meeting In Camera to deal with an Human Resources matter. After the meeting came back in normal session Councillor Richard Wilson made a motion that “as per the Code of Ethics Bylaw No. 15 of 2016, Councillor Wayne Acorn be removed from the council meeting for making physically threatening actions towards the reeve. This resolution is for the meeting of February 13, 2020 and will require an apology.”

According to Schmalz, the matter was addressed in the motion made in last week’s meeting.