A little bit of everything

Studio 1010 has their works on display for their annual show and sale at the Hicks Gallery this month. (Peter Lozinski/Daily Herald)

Every Monday, a few dozen amateur artists get together on the first floor of the Prince Albert Arts Centre and paint. They come from a variety of backgrounds and use a variety of media, painting a variety of subjects. The only common thread is their love of painting.

The local arts group, Studio 1010, is showing their latest work at the John V. Hicks gallery for the month of October. The show includes a diverse display of acrylic, oil, watercolour, pastel and encaustic pieces, reflecting the variety of the artists themselves. The opening reception is Saturday at 2 p.m.

All works are for sale through Studio 1010 members.

One of the painters in the show, Shirley Markell, takes art lessons in the US when she winters down south. She used the show the exhibit one of her latest works using a technique she learned in the states.

“I am working on a new technique, it’s a pouring and blending method,” Markell said.

“I’m enjoying using the three primary colours, and enjoying something new. It’s not a traditional style of painting.”

The pouring and blending method consists of Markell pouring primary colours and letting them flow into each other. In one piece, she blew through straws to help spread the paint around.

“We let the paints do most of the work. Watercolour continues to work on the page, and oftentimes the paints paint themselves.”

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